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Spin Bikes

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Features and Specifications: Semi-Professional Spin Bike Belt Transmission System with 22kg Fly Wheel Dipping Handle Bar The Maximum Weight of User: 150KGS Crank: 3PCS with Aluminium JD-304V Saddle: DD-6619 With Horizontal and Vertical Handle Bar and Saddle Monitor: JY-6521 (Speed, Calories, Distance, Time, Build in Receiver) Carton Size: 1060 x 215 x 860mm N.W: 56KGS G.W: 62KGS

Retail Price: $1399.00 Our Price
$ 995.00 Incl. GST
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the PS300 Indoor Cycle delivers innovative design and superior comfort to keep you motivated to reach your goal. It features a heavy 20kg flywheel for a more realistic cycling experience, smooth chain drive system, double sided pedals with SPDs (cleat pedals) or standard straps, and fully adjustable seat and handlebars. A bottle holder is also attached to the frame within easy reach. Also included are large transport wheels which allow for easy movement around the room, house or studio.

Retail Price: $1999.00 Our Price
$ 1754.50 Incl. GST
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The Impulse PS450 Spinning Bike is a high end commercial bike that has been engineered with a rear mounted aluminium flywheel and a silent magnetic resistance system. The rear flywheel provides are more realistic riding experience and being rear mounted, it also protects the flywheel from the corrosive effects of sweat during training.

Retail Price: $2399.00 Our Price
$ 1899.00 Incl. GST
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Ideal for group cycling classes or for use by riders on your cardio floorNarrow Q-factor optimizes ergonomics for a real outdoor riding feelLow-maintenance, well-protected rear flywheel design includes magnetic resistance for smooth, consistent adjustments

Retail Price: $3499.00 Our Price
$ 2595.00 Incl. GST
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Horizon Indoor Bike GR7

New to the Horizon family, the GR Series is set to change home fitness forever with a design that brings the feel of real road cycling right into your home. Inspired by the design of Tour de France cycles, everything from the perfected geometry of our frame to the ergonomically adjustable, highly customizable touchpoints was engineered to fit your body in all phases of your favorite outdoor journey.

Retail Price: $1999.00 Preorder Price
$ 1595.00 Incl. GST
Ships in 8 Weeks
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The Matrix CXP Target Training Cycle is Ideal for precision tracking during workouts that target watts, heart rate, RPMs, distance or calories and providing personalized intensity and progress metrics. Intuitive touchscreen Target Training Display offers engaging graphics and an LED color wrap that helps instructors and riders gauge intensity (compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth)

Retail Price: $4495.00 Our Price
$ 3995.00 Incl. GST
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The Concept2 BikeErg is the latest addition to our family of sport-based ergometers. The BikeErg has the same flywheel and Performance Monitor as our Concept2 Indoor Rowers and SkiErgs, bringing to cycling the strengths and features we've previously brought to rowing and cross-country skiing.

Retail Price: $2250.00 Our Price
$ 2195.00 Incl. GST
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The Titanium USA Predator Spin Bike with Console is without doubt the most stable, solid and smoothest spin bike on the market. The Wireless console provides feedback such as Cadence, RPM, Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate.

Retail Price: $2399.00 Preorder Price
$ 1669.00 Incl. GST
Ships in 6 Week
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The Titanium USA Predator Spin Bike is without doubt the most stable, solid and smoothest spin bike on the market. This bike has been tested by leading spin instructors who unanimously agreed it is the best bike they had ever used. It has been engineered for full commercial use in any type of club. If you require a hard core spin bike that can withstand a beating then this is it. Come into our showroom today and test it for yourself.

Retail Price: $1899.00 Preorder Price
$ 1451.00 Incl. GST
Ships in 6 Week
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ON SALE - The Inspire IC1.5 Spin Bike is built with a heavy steel frame construction for stability and solid performance. This bike uses magnetic resistance provide the user with an extra smooth, maintenance free experience. The flywheel is slightly offset to allow the crank system to line up with the wheel cogs which reduces the q-factor of the bike for good positioning and comfort.

Retail Price: $1499.00 Preorder Price
$ 1179.00 Incl. GST
Ships in 4 Weeks
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This bike allows users to pedal as well as pushing and pulling the handlebars to provide both upper body and lower body workouts. The Airdyne isn't like other cardio equipment that are designed for long, leisurely sessions, like a treadmill, elliptical or a stair-climber™it. This brutal piece of equipment is engineered for maximum calorie burn in the shortest possible time.

Retail Price: $2084.50 Our Price
$ 1974.50 Incl. GST
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This bike features a computer that displays feedback such as calories, time, distance and watts. Adjustable and comfortable seat Air resistance wheel utilizes fans for smooth even resistance Made from high tensile steel Assembled Dimensions: 97.5cm x 52.5cm x 125cm LxWxH Max User Weight: 150kg Chain Transmission System with Fan Fly Wheel Handle bars are coated with foam for added comfort.

Retail Price: $1295.00 Our Price
$ 1094.50 Incl. GST
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The ultimate fat burner, the EXER90-H exercise bike is a high intensity workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat. The enormous 25” diameter steel fan is the focus of this dynamic workout. Responsive tension means that the harder you push; the more resistance you’ll be met with. The EXER90-H gives you unlimited resistance, guaranteed! Our exponential air resistance system lets you find the perfect challenge for your ability level.

Retail Price: $1099.00 Our Price
$ 849.00 Incl. GST
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With a user-defined pace and resistance, the SCHWINN OCTANE AIRDYNE ADX accommodates all exercisers; from beginners to athletes. High-intensity interval training programs include 20/10 interval, 30/90 interval and custom routines, where exercisers can challenge themselves to bury the needle on the console tachometer.

Retail Price: $2695.00 Our Price
$ 2639.00 Incl. GST
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The world renown Wattbike. Choice of cyclists and elite athletes globally, it truly is second to none.

Ships in 12 weeks

Commercial Cardio Equipment

 Should I buy Upright Bikes or Spin Bikes?

     This really depends on the type of facility or training space they will be going into. Ideally if you have the room and budget a combination of both is best.

     Upright Exercise bikes are suited to most users from novice to advanced, whereas spin bikes tend to be better suited to people who have done some exercise in the past. But again this depends on whether your business is a gym, hotel, personal training studio or other type of facility.

     Spin bikes are ideal for one on one and group training and are the model of bike used in spin classes all over the world. Most spin bikes don’t have a console for user feedback or tension control as it’s not really necessary but some models do provide this option. Most use a pad that creates resistance against the flywheel. Again this comes down to choice, budget and what features are important.

     The other benefit of spin bikes is that are they extremely tough (if good quality) and require almost no maintenance. Good quality bikes will provide many years of service.


So what is important when buying a spin bike?

     Weight of the flywheel: The flywheel is the most talked about and misunderstood part of a spin Bike. Weights for commercial spinners vary from 20 to 30 kg. A heavy flywheel is NO indication of the bikes quality or reliability. So don’t get caught up by the hype around this point. Yes it does need to have some weight to it and ideally at least 20kg but a bike with a 30 kg flywheel isn’t necessarily better than one with a 22 kg flywheel. Get a bike with at least a 20kg flywheel but you don’t have to buy one with a heavier weight. A flywheel that weighs over 20 kg will provide greater momentum against the resistance system of the bike, so this means users will have to keep up with the speed of the flywheel as it will have greater momentum as it spins so it will be more difficult to slow down. If the flywheel is too light then users can easy slack off during training and reduce intensity. So again anything over 20kg will provide all that is required for a good quality genuine commercial spin bike.

     Chain or belt drive system: We recommend you go for a bike with a belt drive rather than a chain, but again this needs to be a good, reliable belt drive system as inferior will tend to loosen off, stretch and slip after some use.

     Chian drive systems are solid but tend to grind due to the links travelling over the cogs of the flywheel and pedal arm whereas a belt drive system is usually very smooth and ultra-quiet and prides a more fluid overall feel to the bike.

      There are also different material used in manufacturing flywheel such as stainless steel, cast metal and different alloys. Again this comes down to preference and budget.

     Frame quality: This is a fairly easy one to determine as it will affect the overall weight of the bike. You want a spin bike with a very solid, heavy frame that is manufactured using steel tubing that is at least 3 mm thick. Most domestic grade spinners will weigh approximately 30-40kg including the flywheel, whereas proper commercial spin bikes will weigh over 60kg. This ensures the bike will be stable and solid enough for high intensity training and enable heavier users of 130 and more.


Have more questions?

     You can call us any time for a chat over the phone or come into our showroom to speak to us in person and check out our gear.

     We have over 15 years of industry experience so we have some understanding of what’s required when it comes to Commercial Fitness Equipment.

     We have a large display showroom located at 622 Waterdale Rd Heidelberg West, in Melbourne.





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